About Lucy and Martin Recycling

Transport solutions have always been at the heart of Lucy and Martin: they are part of our heritage.

Lucy and Martin Recycling Limited was founded 20 years ago, but the origins of the company date back as far as 1963. Back then and through the decades that followed, the company held a prominent presence in the City of London as waste management experts.

As the environmental landscape changed over the years and recycling became an increasingly vital part of everyday life, so we adapted our business, which has enjoyed ongoing, steady growth in the glass recycling transport sector.

Our family-founded values have never changed, however: we’re still to this day committed to delivering a reputable and flexible service backed by a friendly and down to earth yet professional approach.

Specialist Glass Recycling for London, Essex and the South of England

For two decades we’ve been providing specialist glass bottle recycling collection and transport services across east London and Essex. We also cover a wider area across the south east of England for local authority recycling banks contracts.

Our large fleet and sizeable employed workforce gives us the capacity to service and fully manage glass and other recycling contracts up to a reasonable size. As well as directly serving local authorities and private businesses, we are also retained by a number of major waste recycling providers on a sub-contract basis.


Recycling Banks

Find out more about our comprehensive, competitively priced recycling bank collection and management service collections.

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Glass Recycling Scheme for Pubs, Venues & Events

Our dedicated glass bottle collection scheme is specially tailored to the needs of pubs, clubs, restaurants, stadiums, venues & events.

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